Toddler Eats with Arla Creations June 17, 2016 00:00

Happy Friday!
Mealtime {and snacktime} at our house can be a bit tricky! Chloe will eat almost anything but Gentry is what we call our Plain Jane eater. She's pretty particular about what she will eat and what she does eat needs to be plain. No sauce, no mixing and for the most part, no meat {with the exception of a slice of bacon every now and again...because who doesn't love bacon
Gentry CA Toddler Eats
So today we've teamed up with Arla Creations and I'm sharing a few of Gentry's favorites that are both heathly & perfectly plain. Arla Creations made the cutest plates for the girls! They love them and food always looks much more tempting when it's displayed beautifully! The best part - no more fighting over who gets which plate since they are totally personalized! You know how we love our personalized goodies in this house. 
Gentry CA Arla Creations
For Gentry I try to create a pretty balanced meal while keeping everything plain. Let me say that I am by no means a health nut, but when the amount of food she will eat is pretty slim, I try to make sure that it's all good stuff!
For veggies - her favorites are baby carrots and cucumbers. The one exception to her no sauce rule is she will eat peanut butter. And she loves it on carrots so anytime she is willing to eat that for a snack, I'm doing backflips! When picking out peanut butter, I always pick the one that is basically just peanuts without all the added sugar (don't get me wrong, I love Skippy but when she is so particular, I want to make sure that what she eats the majority of the time is all good stuff!).
For fruits - She likes strawberries and blackberries, apple slices and will eat the occasional banana.
She loves almonds (and since she won't eat meat) I always try to include those. I buy the 1/2 salt version and she loves them!
Cheddar cheese is always a favorite and I usually try to pair it with a whole wheat cracker. Again - since what she will eat is pretty slim, I try to add whole wheat whenever I can. 
Another yummy treat is a plain yogurt - to dress it up a little, I add some pink sprinkles to the top & suddenly it's something magical ;) 
And yes - there are days when she eats goldfish, graham crackers & pancakes but these are some good and healthy favorites that are quick & easy!
Gentry California Toddler Eats
Now Chloe on the other hand will eat pretty much anything and she likes to eat almost all day. Salmon? Spinach? Eggs and more? Yep, sign her up! 
So for her - she loves this tasty snack:
Whole wheat toast, peanut butter with sliced fruit instead of jelly. She loves cinnamon so I add that to the bananas & the strawberries just got a little sprinkle of powered sugar! A total hit!
Gentry CA Toddler Eats
So tell me - what kind of little eaters do you have?