Our favorite Summer getaway! August 14, 2016 09:28

With Summer coming to a close (#sayitaintso), I thought I would share one of our favorite weekend getaways from the Summer. It was one of those weeks where temps were over 100 everyday, so the promise of cooler temps and was just what we needed. We loaded the car with everything under the sun (seriously - we were gone less than 48 hours and the car was packed to the brim #momlife) and hit the road to Santa Cruz.
Trips to the ocean always have my heart. There's something just so calming about endless rolling waves. 
We had a quick trip to the Aquarium which the girls loved! Lots of interactive activities and things for them to see and do! 
We hit the beach and then did what we do best...ate our way through the rest of the weekend! 
Now with just a week until school starts, we'll be lathering on sunscreen, hitting the waterpark, staying up past our bedtime and roasting s'mores and soaking up Summer!