Our Arizona Road Trip - Labor Day Weekend September 07, 2016 15:14

There are very few things that I will sit in the car for 16 hours each way with 2 little kids in traffic to do - but spending a weekend celebrating newlyweds with some of our best friends from college is a no-brainer!
Seersucker weekender bag
Labor Day weekend we traveled to the mountains in Arizona for a care free weekend. Things have definitely changed from our college days, many of us are married and have one (or a couple) kiddos in tow. 
Girls side by side
Chloe High chair
We enjoyed the fresh mountain air, found rocks and rolly pollies and ate marshmallows by the camp fire.
We may not be able to party like we used to, but it was so great to catch up and laugh late into the night! 
When the party is tropical themed, you go big or go home! Love these girls!
I hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend!