Looking forward in 2017! January 16, 2017 15:45

Happy 2017!
The holidays are always so busy and fly by faster than we can ever imagine. I hope you had a wonderful season and created many memories to hold for years to come. In addition to the usual holiday shenanigans we got to spend an exciting White Christmas!
Together with our family, we watched the snow fall, drank lots of hot chocolate and watched the Grinch about 50 times over. It was just what we needed after the busy holiday rush! 
Before we knew it, 2016 came to a close and 2017 was knocking on our door! 
On a personal side, we've been cleaning, organizing and simplifying. My mind operates so much better when I have clean organized spaces filled with only items which hold importance. The girls have been undergoing a major room reno and I can't wait to share the details in the next couple weeks! 
Behind the scenes at Gentry CA we've been cleaning our studio, purging old ideas to make room for new ones, we've been setting up some very exciting opportunities and I've been dreaming up what 2017 will hold and can't wait to share! While we have many dreams and ideas, I'd love to hear from you! What do you want to see from Gentry CA in 2017?