Going on Safari! Gentry turns 6! August 29, 2016 21:13

Gentry turned 6 this week which meant planning another fun birthday party! She is really into the show Wild Kratts and wanted to do an animal themed party. Personally, I'm not huge on trademarked/character type parties so we decided on a safari party! {Also so much easier to plan decor for}
 Gentry CA Safari Birthday Shirt
Shirt: Gentry CA, Skirt: Taylor Joelle
For the location, we settled on a local park (her choice!). We did parties at our house for a few years but once the friends and guest list grew we decided it was best to go elsewhere. {Huge bonus: you don't have to clean the house!}
Chloe's Dress (old) : June and January formerly Little Hip Squeaks , Hair bow: Bloomies Handmade
The park is great because there's already built in entertainment. The kids played on the playground for hours and only stopped for cupcakes and a quick game! 
Safari Scavenger Hunt
Gentry came up with the idea for a Safari Scavenger Hunt all on her own! We added a few of the details but other than that, it was all her doing. The girls have tons of stuffed animals so we grabbed what was wild animal related and hid them around the park. We created a little checklist for the kids to go find them. After they had found all of them they came back for a little prize! 
The prizes: Zebra bags filled with ring pops, Wild Kratts Rings and Safari Animal Tattoos
The game was a hit and easy enough for all of the kiddos (ages 2-10) to play! 
Each guest got to Adopt a Monkey when they left and take it home to enjoy!
It was a Wild Time and our oldest girl is officially 6! Where does the time go!!!