Gentry CA Turns 5! July 19, 2016 07:28

Five years ago a dream began to come to life...the dream itself began many years before. I have always loved being creative and inventive in new ways. I was a new mom, staying home with my 11 month old daughter. I loved everything about it, I had always wanted to stay home with her when she was little as I knew even before it happened that the years would just fly by. I wanted to soak in every ounce of sweet little baby I could. But I also found that I had a lot of free time. She was a great sleeper, the house was clean, laundry always washed, folded and {gasp!} even put away #whodoesthat?, organized and I was looking around for something extra to do. 

In case you haven't caught on yet, I'm very type A. I always need to be doing something and a creative outlet was just what I needed. {Props to those of you who sit and read or sneak in a movie while your little's sleep! I wish I could just relax like that.} But maybe that the curse of entrepreneurs? We are always moving and going. 

Anyway - hubby came home from work on day to a counter full of headbands and hair clips. Of course they were all for Miss Gentry and naturally there weren't enough days in the week for her to wear them but each one was so special and I had such a great time creating them. In the moment, I'm sure he thought I had gone off the deep end, but instead of telling me to cool it, he supported this new creative outlet. What started off as a little hobby -  soon turned into fulfilling my dream of owning a children's shop. With a little coaxing from friends and family I opened my Etsy shop in 2011. 

Since then, we’ve grown by leaps and bounds (much like our little ones do!). There have been some bumps along the road and some big changes but what successful business doesn't have those? Just this year, we changed the shop’s name to Gentry California – our primary focus has shifted to personalized, monogrammed designs not just for baby, but for kids of all ages and their moms, too! And this is really where my heart lies. I believe there’s nothing sweeter or more special than a monogrammed gift made just for you. And we have added an exclusive line of graphic tees which are so fun! 

Flash forward 5 years, two beautiful daughters, the laundry is never put away (heck, I'm lucky if it's folded), a lot of growth and expansion within the business and we have added some amazing and valuable women to the Gentry California team! I am so fortunate to call this dream my reality. Thank you to all of our amazing friends and family who have supported us along the way. Thank you to my assistants, Ashley & Kylie, for helping grow my dreams. Thank you so the amazing network of bloggers and small shops who have supported us. And most importantly - thank you to my customers. Without you, this dream would not be a reality. Thank you for allowing me to create one of a kind, personalized items for you and your littles. We are honored that our pieces are used as coming home outfits for your new loves, tiny rompers are used to honor milestones, birthday shirts are included in those special photos, our backpacks are used for the big first day of school, our monogrammed shorts follow a recent grad off to college and our bridesmaid hoodies are included in the day you say I do. There aren't the proper words to say how much I am grateful for you and your support. XO

And now a few fun recent photos of our seersucker because it has been one of our most popular collections this season! The seersucker love is strong! Be sure to tag #gentrycalifornia for a chance to be featured on our instagram. 

I'm Danielly and Gentry CA Seersucker

@imdanielly is loving her seersucker bag! It's perfect for a trip to the lake!


Lipstick Heels and a Baby and Gentry CA

How darling is @lipstickheelsandababy in her seersucker weekender?

CupcakeMag and Gentry CA

@alifedowtowsky rocked the most recent issue of CupcakeMag! We love everything about her feature in the issue. And congrats to her! She just has her 1st little baby, Molly!