Gender Reveal! Will be a boy or girl be added to the family?! January 24, 2017 17:40

Yesterday we had our anatomy scan for baby #3 and learned that everything looks great and healthy so far! Such wonderful news! We also found out the gender of this sweet little baby that will be joining our family in June! 
Hubby's mom wanted to throw us a reveal party for the whole family to learn the gender of the baby at the same time! We pretty much assumed it would be another little girl but it still sounded like a fun idea!
Well imagine our surprise when we cut open the cake and it was BLUE!!!! Holy smokes! Honestly - it was the best surprise ever because we were utterly and completely in shock. LOL We are so thrilled to be adding a little man to the family! The girls can hardly wait for a baby brother and he will just have to learn to wear tutus and all things pink. Kidding. Kind of ;) 
But in all reality - it's time to get into the boy mindset and find all the cute baby boy things!!! You can bet monograms will be added to the wardrobe (once we decide on a name) and hubby is going to go football crazy, I'm sure. 
Bring on the #boymama status !