Fall Weekends October 10, 2016 22:16

This was one of those weekends where my weekend could use another weekend. It was jam packed with fun and Fall adventures! 
Saturday morning included our usual market visit for fresh veggies, coffee and warm milk with marshmallows ;) 
Hubby and I got to go out on two date nights...how does that even happen?! Did I take a picture of us for proof? Nope, but either way it happened and it was wonderful!
I did get some pics of the decor, of course #priorities. 
A cozy spot at one of the dinners we went to. Vintage items get me every time.
Sunday morning we packed up the car and headed to the apple orchards. The air smelled of apples and cinnamon, we ate a few too many apple fritters and the girls loved doing crafts and riding on ponies, of course.
Mondays are kind of like our Sundays...only add in a whole bunch of work and school for the kiddos ;) So after school we all deserved a break and hit the pumpkin patch!
How many pumpkins is too many?! Trick question - you can never have too many at our house! 
The girls discovered the corn pit and we may just be here everyday after school!
Another perfect weekend in the books! If I haven't said it enough yet, we love Fall.