A big announcement! GC becomes a family of 5 in 2017! January 19, 2017 16:49 3 Comments

Things are going to get a little busier...and even more exciting in 2017! 
We have been eagerly waiting to share the news that we are expecting baby #3 this June! I think Chloe's face perfectly shows exactly how we all feel....super excited!
We found out the news right before the holiday season started which made for a very fun {and exhausting} November/December (also our busiest time of the year in the shop). Luckily I was spared a lot of morning sickness but did feel lots of moments of pure exhaustion! Things are finally starting to settle down and mama is feeling a little less tired and more like myself.  
The girls are pretty thrilled to be adding another baby to the mix as we become a party of five this Summer! They are both hoping for a brother {although I think they would be equally thrilled with a sister} and Chloe asks almost every day if the baby will be here this weekend. The wait is so long!
We find out in less than a week if the #girltribe status continues or if we will be adding a little man to the family! What's your guess?!