Summer Bucket List June 03, 2016 00:00

Memorial Day weekend always feels like the kick-off to Summer and with school finishing up in less than a week, we've got BBQ's, relaxing and pool days on the mind.
The girls won't be home everyday but on the days they are, I want to make sure we have some fun activities planned to keep that Summer boredom at bay.
Here is our 2016 Summer Bucket list.
 Gentry California Summer Bucket List
1.) Make homemade ice cream
2.) Camp (even if it's in a tent in the backyard, it's so fun for littles)
3.) Spend an entire day in PJ's
4.) Have a lake day (or 5)
5.) Make S'mores
6.) Read one book that's all for me (with 2 littles, a business and a bunch of other things going on, it's hard to make time but this will be a priority this Summer)
7.) Read AT LEAST 15 minutes a day with the kiddos
8.) Go to the Splash Pad
9.) Watch a movie outside (our Community Center usually hosts a couple movies in the park each Summer)
10.) Make Glitter Playdough - This recipe from the Chronicles of Home looks like a must try!
11.) Ride the log ride at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
12.) Go to the County Fair
13.) Enjoy a good Netflix Binge (Ok this one can maybe be combined with #3 but since there will be kiddos home, this will probably be a late night activitiy instead unless anyone wants to count watching a Season of Paw Patrol as a Netflix Binge ;) )
14.) Get a massage
15.) Have a Beach Day & Collect Sea Shells
16.) Pick a project on Pinterest & get together with some girlfriends for a craft is mandatory.
17.) Host our 4th of July BBQ. I'm ready! Give me all the red, white & blue!
18.) Make Lemonade - I found this Strawberry Lemonade Recipe on Pinterest and it looks like a must try! 
19.) Water Balloon Fight
20.) Have a picnic in the park
What would you add to your list? 
Gentry California Summer Fun
A little #fbf to last Summer's pool days!