What's in my pool bag? Essentials for Spring & Summer April 20, 2016 03:00

As you might have seen on Instagram, the girls just started swim. The weather is starting to warm up but the first week it was so cold and windy that we had to pull Chloe from swimming. Poor thing refused to get in the water and when the rest of us are in jackets, you can't really blame her. Gentry on the other hand is an absolute fish and cannot wait to hop in. 
Gentry's Closet Beach Bag
I thought it would be fun to do a little "what's in my pool bag?" post since our life will be revolving around the water in the evenings from now until late Fall. 
I try to always keep my pool bag stocked and on the ready so I'm never scrambling to grab stuff at the last minute {preparation is key} as we are running out the door for the pool or a quick trip to the beach. 
Gentry's Closet Pool Bag
Our favorite essentials: 
- Monogrammed Swim suits 
- Snacks 
- Baby wipes 
- A change of clothes 
- A couple water bottles 
- A folding chair for hubby...because he's decided he's too old to sit on the ground ? 
Gentry's Closet Pool Towel and Swimsuit
Gentry's Closet Pool Snacks
For snacks - I keep a big ziploc bag that has the girls' favorite foods in it. At the last minute, I'll add in some fresh fruits and veggies, and some cheese sticks. 
So tell me - what's in your pool bag?