Easter 2016 March 29, 2016 12:08

Gentry's Closet Easter
Nothing like riding horses in a sweet little Easter shirt ;) 
It's back to the grind after a nice long Easter weekend. We have so much family around us so holidays are always especially fun - and a little hectic! We usually try to pack as much as we can into a couple days and this holiday was just the same. Gentry's Closet Spring Romper  
Weekend activities included multiple egg hunts, egg coloring, and far too few naps - cue the 10 am morning melt down! ;) 
I'm in love with these sweet Spring rompers that we will be releasing on Friday! They were the perfect outfits for Easter and I can't wait for the girls to wear them all Spring/Summer. 
Gentry's Closet
Chocolate on chocolate always helps a melt down ;) Our little chubby bunny was shoveling chocolate in her mouth faster than she could hunt for eggs.
Gentry's Closet
The best thing about the weekend was definitely having family around! My grandfather came for a long weekend and the girls were on cloud 9. You would never know there was an 80+ year age difference between them by the way they play together. 
I hope everyone had a wonderful Easter and got to enjoy a lot of family time!