A sweet Easter treat and a Friday Deal! March 25, 2016 09:33

Happy Friday!
Can you believe this weekend is already Easter? The girls are so excited for egg hunts, coloring eggs and of course lots of family time...and I have to say, I am too! Being a mom on a holiday, makes everything so much more special. Seeing how excited your kids get  is simply the best. 
Like I always say, holidays call for sweet treats! I had some left over lemons so lemon cupcakes had Easter written all of them. I kinda winged it and combined recipes here and the result was pretty great. Enjoy!
Gentry's Closet Lemon cupcakes
I used this lemon muffin recipe from the Queen of the Kitchen, Martha Stewart. Really there's so much butter in them that I'm pretty sure they can be classified as a cupcake, so we'll go with that. : Lemon Muffins Recipe from Martha Stewart
After whipping up a batch, I made a cream cheese frosting with a recipe off my go-to The Food Network: Easy Cream Cheese Frosting and added a little green food coloring. I sometimes get a little overwhelmed looking on Pinterest for recipes, so I find that going right to the source is a great way to get a good recipe. (Plus - they have reviews which always helps me decide if I should give something a try)
Gentry's Closet Easter Cupcakes
Now it was time for a little Easter fun! I colored shredded coconut green with again, a little food coloring and sprinkled it on top to make "grass". These cute little Cadbury Mini Chocolate Eggs  were darling on the top. The candy shell has almost this vintage look to them so you know they were right up my alley! Now these sweet little cupcakes are Egg Hunt ready!
Gentry's Closet Easter Cupcakes
I know these yummy desserts will be a hit at all of our holiday celebrating! 
And PS - I have one more SWEET thing to share! We are celebrating 10K Instagram followers! What??? I know, I'm in a little awe, too. Our "Deal of the Day" today is monogrammed, seersucker and looks like Spring all wrapped into one! Need I say more? Oh yeah, save 20% with code 10KFRIDAYDEAL ;) 
Gentry's Closet Seersucker Pouch
Thanks to my girl, Casi at CupcakeMag for the picture...I'm so glad to see you love your bag!
Have a fabulous Easter holiday!