Easter Basket Filler Ideas for Toddlers & Kids March 23, 2016 00:00

Can you believe Easter is this week? If you're like me, this early Easter is throwing you for a loop! 
So you bought one of our cute personalized baskets, now what do you put in it? I've come up with a list of easy, classic and always favorite items that can be picked up pretty easily. Chloe and Gentry are at the ages where they like to "match" so that makes my job a little easier...I'll just take 2 of each, please!

Gentry's Closet Easter Basket Ideas

1.) Chalk - A fresh box of chalk is always a great way to start Spring!

2.) Books - Our girls are book worms so something new to read is always a good idea - Bonus points for books that include Bunnies, Easter, and Spring Flowers!

3.) PlayDough - The perfect activity to keep toddlers occupied for a long time! Plus - have you seen all the new colors they offer now? No more standard red, blue and white...play dough has advanced from when I was a kid!

4.) Nail polish - Our girls love painting nails (this is definitely an activity though that requires adult supervision)....and storage out of reach when not use...don't ask me how I know but toddlers can open a bottle of nail polish and create a mess REAL.QUICK. ;)
5.) Candy - There's always so many treats and goodies over the holidays so I try not go crazy in the candy department. A little bag of candy or a small chocolate bunny always does the trick! 

Gentry's Closet Easter Basket Ideas

Other fun & always favorite ideas include: Hair Ties or New Hair Bows, Balloons (teach them how to play hot potato and again - an afternoon of entertainment), Coloring Books & Markers, Bubbles, Fuse Beads (Gentry has just discovered these and is in LOVE), a Pinwheel, Matchbox Cars or Puzzles.
As you can see, these are kind of geared towards little girls. What can I say, we're in a #girlworld state over here! But I hope these ideas will take a little stress of your holiday plate and leave some room for planning a spectacular egg hunt & a yummy menu.