Games, Games, Games! Current Favorites for Littles March 09, 2016 08:03

We have had a bunch of rain here so we have been stuck indoors. There's only so many times we can draw, make pretend food in the kitchen and lay Chloe's blanket flat for the 15,872nd time (anyone else's toddler do this?)
Gentry's Closet Board Games
Anyway - we set out on a mission to find some new board games for the kiddos. Gentry's favorites already include memory and this fun Super Why spelling game. Chloe's include puzzles and 52 card pick up - where she throws the cards and everyone else does clean up (she's a tornado).
We picked some of our favorites from mine and hubby's childhood: Guess Who?, Connect 4, Hungry Hungry Hippos and Barrel of Monkeys!  
Gentry's Closet Board Games 1
For both girls to play, Hungry Hungry Hippos was by far the favorite! Both of them understood the concept and were able to play a couple rounds together before Chloe started collecting the marbles by hand off the board. Game over.
Gentry's Closet Board Games
Gentry LOVES LOVES LOVES the Guess Who? game! The new version comes with a few different game boards (people, under the sea, animals & food) so there are more options to the game than before. She will sit down and play 10 rounds at a time and it's great because she really has to think and put different items into groups. 
We haven't played a ton of Connect 4 yet. Gentry enjoyed getting 4 in a row but not so much the turn taking. This is a game for after the little tornado goes to bed so we can spend a little more time focusing on how to play the game and strategy.
Gentry's Closet Board Games
Chloe's new fave is Barrel of Monkeys! It's great for hand eye coordination and she likes to make little monkey sounds every time she hooks a new one on the chain.
Gentry's Closet Board Games
That's a round up of our current favorites! Tell me what's your favorite board game to play with your littles?