Toddlers are Difficult Models - This is Why I Use Professionals March 04, 2016 00:00 1 Comment

Happy Friday!
The other day we went out to snap some quick pics of the kiddos with some items from our Spring line - this my friends, is why I use photographers and models. There was a lot of bribery - I may have promised them a puppy and chocolate ice cream for breakfast, bad lighting and begging (on my part) but I think out of about 100 pics we got a couple winners ;) 
Gentry's Closet Chloe in a Field
Gentry's Closet Easter
Gentry's Closet Chloe Easter
No matter how good or bad the pictures are, I just love taking them. I love capturing their little expressions, sweet moments and even the little tempers that ensue. They'll only be little for a little while and this mama brain after 2 kids could always use some help when it comes to remembering moments ;)
PS - I think the family dog may have been more willing to show off his modeling skills than the kiddos.
Gentry's Closet Easter Basket
Gentry's Closet Easter
I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend and spends time snuggling your babes! (I'm feeling extra sappy this week - maybe it's the lack of sleep {thank you 2-year old who still does not sleep}) And when you get a free moment be sure to enter our giveaway with @shop.crmade ! You know how I love a monogrammed item and when you put our two shops together - you can #monogramitall . We're each giving away $50 shop credits and her tumblers are amazing!!! I use mine all day. every day. Iced coffee, water, wine (wait...I mean...more water) name it, it goes in my tumbler!
Gentry's Closet Shop CR Giveaway
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XOXO, Vibeka