It's beginning to look a lot like Springtime! March 02, 2016 03:00

Well happy Hump Day! I can't believe we are halfway through the week and just getting around to a blog post but we have been crazy busy with our launch of our new graphic tees {thank you so much for the support!}
We have had the most gorgeous weather lately. We're talking Sunny & 75! We do have some rain expected this week so I will probably change my tune shortly, but this weekend we got to enjoy two days of sunshine and it was just what our wild tornadoes needed.
Gentry's Closet Farmer's Market Flowers
We have this thing for Farmer's Markets so every weekend - rain or shine - that's where we are! And hello - isn't this where you would be if you could be surrounded by these beauties?! I could not get them in my bag fast enough! ;) 
Gentry's Closet Gentry SpringGentry's Closet Chloe Slide
Give these girls a park, warm milk & marshmallows (yes, that's how they take their morning drink, strange I know) and a little sunshine and they are all smiles! Leaving mama with plenty of time to kick back with a coffee ;) 
Gentry's Closet Spring Touches 
After picking up these spectacular tulips {Hi, 3 gorgeous bunches}, I felt the urge to get some touches of Spring added to the house, do a little Spring cleaning, open all the windows. (If you give a mouse a cookie...Please let me I'm not the only one!)
Gentry's Closet Spring
Just sayin' that Target killed it with this mint tray & pastel straws (the dollar section gets me every time)!
Puzzles and movies on the couch filled up the rest of this relaxing and depressingly short weekend (I'm going to start voting on adding another day to the weekend!)
Gentry's Closet Kids Puzzles
Gentry's Closet Sisters
That little arm on her sister...oh my heart. 
Gentry's Closet Movie Bar
Hubby and I even snuck out for a quick double date this weekend! A movie theater that has a restaurant & bar? Sign me up! I hope everyone had a great weekend...and look at that, after today it's almost time to slide into another weekend ;) 
XO, Vibeka