Friday Faves - Things we are Crushin' on February 19, 2016 00:30

Happy Friday! Another Friday, another crush list!

I hope everyone has had a great week...we have had touches of Spring (hello, Almond Blossoms) & reminders of Winter (raining downpours) all at the same time and I kind of love it. We shall see what this weekend matter what the weather is, I do know one thing, the weekend will include some of our most crushable items.  

  • First up on our crush list is a goodie & a giveaway! We've teamed up with M.E.& You to give away a $50 shop credit to each our of small businesses. Their Fri-Yay tee is a must in the weekly rotation! And this Let It Be Tee...I can't evenBe sure you are following us both on Instagram for the full details!Gentry's Closet & M.E.&You Giveaway 

  • Next up is one of my favorite recipes! I mentioned it on Periscope the other day and was told it was a must add to the blog. So here you go - Super simple & Super Yummy! Full recipe credit goes to my mama :) I'm not great with recipes, I'm kind of an experiment & wing it girl, but hopefully this is descriptive enough. It's pretty fool proof ;)
Spinach Goat Cheese Bake (super technical name, I know)

Gentry's Closet Spinach Goat Cheese Recipe
I have made this a few different ways but the basics always stay the same. Spinach, Goat Cheese, Eggs & Seasoning. This is a great recipe for using up those big bins of spinach that you buy at Costco with great intentions and then towards the end of the week have 90% of the bin left. This time around I used frozen spinach, but the outcome is the same. 
- If you are using fresh spinach, wilt almost a whole Costco size bin down in water.
- Mix cooked spinach together with a bar of goat cheese (you can buy the herbed goat cheese, too, which is a great alternative but I also like with just a little salt & pepper) and mix with eggs. For two large bags of spinach, I used this whole container of goat cheese & 3 eggs. Season the mixture with salt & pepper and place in a greased 9x13 baking dish. Bake at 350 degrees for approx. 30-40 minutes. If you are doing about half the amount, you can bake in a pie dish for approx. 20 minutes.  
A quick & easy side to salmon on the grill! Enjoy!!
Gentry's Closet Spinach Goat Cheese Bake
Gentry's Closet Spinach Goat Cheese Bake
  • Next item is totally crush-worthy for my hustlin' mamas running a business and juggling the mom life who drink coffee on repeat ( #guilty ). This Boss Lady mug...get in my cart! 

  • And last but definitely not least....did I mention Almond trees are starting to bloom? I think Gentry must think I am insane because we drive past orchards and orchards of blossoming trees on the daily and I comment on every.single.orchard. I just can't help it...I'm a fresh flower girl and these beauties take my breath away. I can hardly wait to get some updated Almond Blossom pics this year. Here's a little #flashbackfriday to last year...where did my babies go???
Gentry's Closet Spring Clothing
#someoneholdme #allthetears 
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I hope everyone has a great weekend! XO, Vibeka