Weekend Getaway {Snow Days} February 16, 2016 12:44

Gentry's Closet Snow Days

Ok guys, take me back to the weekend! I know I always say it but I truly mean it this time. We had the best Valentine’s weekend getaway sledding, building snowmen and overall just lovin’ on this each other. Don’t get me wrong, the weather has been beyond beautiful here in California (hello, sunny & 75!) but a part of me wasn’t quite ready for it (I needed a snow fix and that’s just what this weekend delivered).
 Gentry's Closet Snow Days 1
{My Valentines}
That’s what I love about where we live. You can be to the snow or the beach within a couple hours {best of both worlds}.
When the girls woke up Saturday morning there was no chance we were going to discuss breakfast. They were going outside…pajamas and all!
Gentry's Closet Snow Days 2Gentry's Closet Snow Days 4Gentry's Closet Snow Days 4
There was less snow than we were hoping for, but actually it was the perfect amount for the girls. Enough to have snowball fights, build snowmen and do a little light sledding but not enough at all to sink in a foot every time they took a step!
Gentry's Closet Sledding
Gentry's Closet Snow Days 5
The girls traveled in style most of the way….why walk when you can sled, right?
Gentry's Closet 6
And a great weekend was had by all! Now if you'll excuse me, it's time to trade in my boots for some flip flops because like I said...sunny & 75 is what's on the agenda! I hope everyone had a sweet Valentine's weekend! XO, Vibeka
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