Welcome to GC Living {A Behind the Scenes Peek at Motherhood & Juggling a Biz} January 31, 2016 16:23

Hello and Welcome to GC Living!
I’m Vibeka, the kid-juggling, monogramming momtrepreneur behind Gentry’s Closet. I’m so glad you have found our special little nook of the cyber world and can’t wait to share with you a little peek into our lives & our handmade biz!
I have been wanting to start this blog for a long time (almost longer than I care to admit). It’s always been backburner but now is the time. January is always a post- Christmas hangover phase. It’s cold out, rains a lot and the house feels totally empty with all of the festive decorations gone so it's time for something fresh & new (but seriously...take me back to the holiday craziness).
Take me Back...but seriously....
So - New Year, New Blog. Right? I’m not big on resolutions, but this is a journey I am so excited to start and am thrilled you are choosing to follow along!
Welcome 2016!
So let’s get down to biz. First off, as mentioned, I’m Vibeka, I’m a Danish girl (never lived there for a considerable amount of time but traditions live strong in our family so I’m laying claim to it) living her dream in Northern California with my high school sweetheart turned hubby and our two darling & spunky little girls, Gentry (5) and Chloe (2). I am a wanna-be photographer (really, I’m just obsessed with taking pictures of my little ladies), love all things artsy & crafty, playing in the kitchen, absolutely despise driving (I make hubby be my chauffeur), adore home design (more watching than actually doing #fixerupperjunkie) and am obsessed with a classic monogram.
 I started, Gentry’s Closet, after (appropriately) Miss Gentry was born. She’s 5 now and this business will be 5 in July. Eek!
Gentry's Closet Dresses
I have this intense FOMO when it comes to my girls, I want to be there for them and help celebrate everything so when it came time to go back to work (outside of the house) I just couldn’t do it. I felt this intense need to be home with her but I am also way to type A so I had to keep my hands and mind busy (like loving on a baby all day wasn't enough work already ;) ).. So, I of course started a little hobby making headbands which grew into monogramming items (all things girly. all day long). And since I’m so Type A (read – my brain works like 100 screens open at one time on the computer – a curse and a blessing at the same time), I got to work on seeing how I could make this business grow. With a table top embroidery machine & a supportive family, Gentry’s Closet grew into what it is today – A monogramming business with commercial machines & assistants, offering beautiful and unique items for babies, kids & women.
Our motto around here is “If it stands still, slap a monogram on it”. Maybe it’s because I have such a unique name that I have a sweet spot for anything personalized (hello, no personalized souveniers for this girl at Disneyland #scarredforlife). Maybe it’s because, as mentioned, I’m a traditions girl and there is no better tradition that passing on a name & making it’s mark. Either way, I think there is just something so perfect & classic about a monogram.
Now that I’m finally over the hump of my intro post, I can’t wait to share more with you!